Mail Envelope Sticker - 001

Mail Envelope Sticker - 001

SKU: 001

✤ 1x Sticker

✤ SheetSheet size approx: 9.25cm x 8cm

✤ Sticker Size approx: 1.4cm

Kiss-Cut Sticker (easy/ready to peel-off)

Thank you for supporting handmade items! Happy planning / journaling!

  • Specs

    ♢ High Quality Home Printed

    ♢ Standard Matte Paper - Writable with pen / gelpen

    ♢ Non waterproof - Permanent (non removable)

    ♢ Suitable for: planner, journal and any notes.

    ♡ We always give Freebie sampler on every order !

    No minimum required.

  • Note

    Please keep in mind if PC / Laptop screen color is not 100% accurate with the printing results. There'll be 5-10% color differentiation from digital screen colors and it's a normal thing. Stickers are all handmade by myself so small imperfections material may occur in cutting and printing but we guarantee with the cuteness.