Oopsie - Light Blue Alphabet Circle Stickers

Oopsie - Light Blue Alphabet Circle Stickers

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-OOPSIES Vinyl Sticker - Missing / Incomplete Alphabet (misprinted)


✤ 1x Sticker Sheet

✤ Size approx: 9 cm x 13.2 cm

Suitable on any surfaces such as laptops, tumblers, and many more!

Thank you for supporting handmade items! Happy planning / journaling!

  • Specs

    ‣ Vinyl Sticker Material
    ‣ Matte finish
    ‣ Waterproof & Weatherproof
    ‣ Suitable on any surfaces such as laptop, tumbler, and many more!

    ♡ We always give Freebie sampler on every order !

    No minimum required.

  • Note

    Please keep in mind if PC / Laptop screen color is not 100% accurate with the printing results. There'll be 5-10% color differentiation from digital screen colors and it's a normal thing. Stickers are all handmade by myself so small imperfections material may occur in cutting and printing but we guarantee with the cuteness.

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